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Title         : Twined
Author     : A.L. Collins
Publisher : CreateSpace (Self Publishing)
First Date : March 25th 2012
Format     : PaperBack (258 pages)
Target      : Young adult

What if yourmother diagnoze with schizoprenia and for some action you began to see and hear something that you believe they were not? Scare, paranoid,or you trust that you’r insane too…And it’s all happened to Avalin.

The nighmare stared when Avalin was celebrating her elevent birtday. She show hermother kill a woman in their kitchen. After the murdered, life was too hard for Avalin. Her mother diagnoze with Schizoprenia and herfather has lived in trouble. By thats reality, Avalin growth as a strong girl.

Now, Avalin was a high sholl student and accident about six year a go has not talken again by everyone. But, then Avalin began hear a voice in hermind. More terrible she looked on of cherleaders morph into a monsteur right infront of her. Avalin was paranoia that she may be insane just like her mother. A new mysterious class mates named Albert said that all Avalin hear and see is exactly true.

He, Albert knew who Avalin was and who hermother, Abigail Marsh. Without knowing anything about Albert, Avalin had to trust him when they both stuck to a pararel world. Then, Jessica, the girl who morph into a monsterur came with more scariest look. Albert said it’s all a trap by an illusionist called the twined. Who is the twined? Why does he want Avalin? And Who is Albert?

On 258 pages of this book, we bought to scarie world of Avalin. With point of view of Avalin, it’s help us to have more emphatyze to Avalin. Yay, since the firs chapter i’ve liked Avalin so much. She is a smart girl and so strong. And collins also can make characters of Albert seem so mysterious.

By the way i am not native in English. But lucky for me, the literate used by collins on this novel so simply. So i can get it easyly. About layout and font of content, it’s not bad. And the cover which dominated with dark purple looks sweet gothic. I like that.

When Avalin see Albert first in the class is nice part for me. What did Albert say about meaning of life exactly cute. I amnot memorized it exactly, but it’s something like … “The aim of life is to being complete, being complete. Being complete is to find someone”. Very like this quote 🙂

So i rated it 4 stars in GoodReads, very recommended for young adult reader. can’t wait for the sequel : Twined part 2.

About the author

  A.L. Collins lived in Manchester, Maryland. Writing since 18. He has publish many books, include : Bastian : Prequel to War, twined, Scarlett. He also has prepared more books to publish in 2012, one of them are Twined part 2.