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Title         : Maples: Rejuvenating Cocktail
Author      : Bhavna Khemlani
Publisher  : Frog Books
First Date : 2011
Format     : PaperBack (242 pages)
Target      : Young adult

“Life is like a cocktail. How each one of them fills up their glasses with tempting happiness is a mystery. When the glass starts to get empty, they forget they need a refill – an alternative solution for a new compassion to reignite the magic of love.”

Its about four modern people with complicated life and have each equotion about love. Ryan Sahay, an aspirant photographer. At accidentally even when new year party, he meet Melina-a charming girl. They are in love each other. Till one day, Melina had to leave London for study. And it’s mean she had to finished with Ryan. frusttated and broken heart, Ryan also have more problem. He still have question about his father that never told again by hisuncle. He also have financial problem and has bad relationship with his uncle who has been his trustee since hisparents passed. On a work task, he was sent to Mumbay. It must be not just as work trip, he knew that.

Ria, an orphan girl was adopted by famous actress in India. Her foster family was kind to her, so she could reach herdream about dentistry in Singapore. On ashame moment, she mets Shawn-a bad but very interseting guy. Her realationship with Shawn is not as sweet as her dream. Till she’s back to India. Hersister, Simmy- with a much force has already prepare a road trip for them with guys from overseas.

Genelia, an ambisious girl. She was focuse to her double degree and work as part time teacher on high scholl. She has a bad experience with love, so  she’s always ignore a romantic feeling.

Miguel, a workaholic man. The most important for him was making money. Till he joined a road trip in India. There she find that realitionship is not as rational as business. He had make a choice for love.

With an unplanned rendezvous, this four people meets on a party. A party would help them answer their question.

A nice story with a quick plot. I’d like this. I’ve read many romance, and i always tired to the plot which very slow. But this book was different, the paced of narrated run fast. Altough the plot is very quick, Bhavna expain it accurately. We were presented with wonderfull panorama of India. At he first,  Bhavna has descirbed once about Thailand. And the characters were loveable. Ryan is the most i like here. He work for hisstudy by himself. He did anything to complete cash for his tuition fee.

I am not native in English, so i need long time to finish it. The words here is not easy (for me). I need to read in many times till i get it. And sometimes the plot was too quick. On one pharagraph, Bhavna told about two guys which stand in different places. I think it will be better if she gave a sign to separated them. Yeah, out of the language used. I love this story. I rated it 3 stars on Good Reads. 🙂

About the Author:

Bhavna Khemlani was bon in India, raised in Taiwan and live in Thailand. A bubbly and positive thinker, her other book is Wisher’s Well. She believes that our heart and mind are beautifull, and we have abiliy to open down our though into wonderfull writing, and share thats inspiration to other.

Bhavna is also an ESL teacher, a counsultantand a writer.


1. Maples are variously classified in a family of their own, the aceraceae , or together with the hippocastanaceae included in the family sapindaceae. Modern classifications, including the angyosperm phylogeny group system, favour inclusion in Sapindaceae. The type species of the genus is Acer Pseudoplatonus (Sycamore maple). (Wikipedia)

2. Maples always identically with romance. Theirorange leaf describe happyness in autumn. There were much film or tv series with maples trade mark. Such Winter Sonata (which mace Cheju island being famous), Endless Love and the one movie i remember much are “Mohabbatein”.

3. Mohabbatein (2000) – in cinematographic and poster were full of maples. Cast by Shahruk khan, Amitabh baccan and Aishwara Ray. It’s very tell about power of love and very melancholics.

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